Charting Inquiry Pathways

Wheel Game Spinner

12” x 12” Game Spinners with Instructions and Scorecards

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Scientific inquiry refers to the diverse ways in which scientists study the natural world and propose explanations based on evidence derived from their work. Inquiry also refers to the activities of students in which they develop knowledge and understanding of scientific ideas, as well as an understanding of how scientists study the natural world. (National Science Education Standards, 1996)

The ¿NQUIRY Wheel Game is designed to guide both teachers and students toward a more dynamic view of the Scientific Method. Commonly thought of as a set of stepwise procedures, the Scientific Method is actually a vibrant spectrum of scientific inquiry strategies that are iterative and creative. The ¿NQUIRY Wheel Game is a fun way for seekers of knowledge, of all ages, to explore many variations of these strategies. The act of playing the ¿NQUIRY Wheel Game can provide a robust carryover into other aspects of science instruction.

Teaching science as inquiry aims at having students do what scientists do and think how scientists think. The ¿NQUIRY wheel displays a spectrum of strategies that expert scientists draw from, a knowledge acquired through many years of study and practice.

The ¿NQUIRY Wheel Game engages students of all ages as they select and apply scientific inquiry strategies: 1) to explore a new topic of interest or unit of study; 2) to plan a science project; 3) to carry out a science investigation; 4) to construct a scientific or technical product; 5) to solve a problem; or 6) to experience the thrill of discovery!

The object of ¿NQUIRY Wheel Game is to connect to the world of science while exploring a topic by selecting and applying scientific inquiry strategies identified in the ¿NQUIRY Wheel. Based on solid research about how scientists really work. Science as Inquiry does not always move in an orderly step by step procedure. Scientists select what seems to make most sense in the midst of their work. They often backtrack, go off on a tangent, and take a look from a new vantage point. Often, an encounter with the unexpected and the  unknown causes a scientist to explore a new inquiry pathway.

The ¿NQUIRY Wheel Game guides players on a quest as research expedition into the unknown. With each spin of the game players advance through exploratory, investigative, and constructive zones of proximal development as they: generate questions, activate curiosity, create hypotheses, design and carry out investigations, solve problems, construct scientific knowledge, create science products, and communicate new discoveries.

As the game proceeds, each player keeps track of their inquiry pathway with a scorecard, a field notebook recording what happens with each spin of the wheel. Five spins can select any one of nearly a quarter of a million (248,832) inquiry pathway possibilities!

Each order comes with a set of 12” x 12” ¿NQUIRY Wheel Game Spinners and black line masters for game instructions and scorecards.