Inquiry Coaches are talented urban undergraduate and high school students who work urban youth as citizen scientists to coach the understanding and practice of doing science.  With the guidance of the Science Champions, they develop real world research projects, and thus get a firm grounding in science and engineering research.  From that experience they also gain the skills required to lead Inquiry Troupes of younger students in science discovery through Inquiry Expeditions inspired by leading edge scientific and engineering questions.  Through their preparation and leadership, Inquiry Coaches are set to become the scientists and engineers of the future while also inspiring those younger to follow in their footsteps.

Inquiry Troupes are groups of high school, middle school, and elementary school aged children who explore science and engineering questions through their interaction with .  These squads are guided through where they are exposed to real world science and engineering issues.  At this young age, their curiosity is encouraged as they develop the most basic scientific skills.  By being coached by older students, they see that science and math studies should be embraced and can be fun.