Science Champions are professional scientists, engineers, and science educators who are recruited to provide hands-on research experiences in real world situations.  The Urban Science Corps mobilizes Science Champions to step into the urban theatre of action to recognize and develop science and engineering talent that truly exists among at risk urban youth, in spite of the often chaotic surroundings in which they live. Science Champions mentor Inquiry Coaches , and together work as co-researchers to develop science and engineering projects for urban youth aligned with real world issues. Science Champions must be willing to step in with emboldened confidence, trusting that they are in the presence of the next generation of scientists, science teachers, engineers, and science-savvy citizens. Science Ch ampions are rewarded with the sense of providing for the sustainability of their fields with newly inspired students who will become the science and engineering professionals of tomorrow.

Inquiry Coach Kathy Castillo (Civitas High School) and JPL Scientist Randall Mielke at the Electron Scanning Microscope examining dust samples gathered from the MacArthur Park soccer field (Summer 2008).