Urban Science Corps Vision : Empowering Urban Youth to enter the Science Community

We bring the excitement of scientific inquiry into urban afterschool and recreation settings. We motivate urban youth to recognize science creativity and talent within themselves. We provide mentoring, inquiry coaching, and science learning experiences that guide and prepare urban youth for advanced study opportunities and paid internships that lead to meaningful careers.

Urban Science Corps Mission : Developing Science Creativity &Talent Among Urban Youth

We apply well-researched science research, education, and workforce development models to create traveling inquiry expeditions that communicate science through a variety of modalities: explicit explanation; hands-on, minds-on investigations; field, lab, and computer-based research; communicating science through the performing arts; participation in science conferences; publications; and paid internships.

History: Founded in May 2006 in partnership with the City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation & Parks

With a handful of job slots and a box van, the Urban Science Corps initially served 20 recreation centers in the Central District of the Metro Region of Los Angeles, that included Downtown, South and East Los Angeles. Since 2006, the Urban Science Corps has reached over 10,000 urban youth during their out of school time in Los Angeles, Baltimore/DC, and New York/New Jersey, through partnerships with urban enterprising community organizations selecting youth for STEM sustainability.

Science Performance: Activating Science Capabilities

We develop science performance capabilities, as scientists today becoming the science-savvy citizens, scientists, engineers, educators, and entrepreneurs of tomorrow. Moving through many cycles of scientific inquiry, urban youth apply what they are learning in school and connect to leading edge science questions, in practical, real-world, participatory action research projects that make a global difference within their own community.

How It Works : Tiered Mentoring and Coaching

The Urban Science Corps recruits and mobilizes Science Champions , science, engineering, and education professionals who agree to Mentor urban undergraduate and high school students as they train to become Participatory Action Research Teams and science-savvy Inquiry Coaches . As Inquiry Coaches , they in turn, guide peers and younger urban youth through Inquiry Expeditions at after school programs, recreation centers, community centers, museums, and science centers, utilizing mobile field science labs that bring the world of scientific inquiry into the urban community.

ALLIED ORGANIZATIONS: ECOSYSTEMS = Enterprising Community Organizations Selecting Youth for STEM Sustainability

The Urban Science Corps leverages collaborative ties with allied organizations that provide an ECOSYSTEMS approach to urban youth in after school programs, primarily at neighborhood recreation, community, and science centers in urban settings. Within each participating community, the Urban Science Corps deploys a tiered mentoring and coaching connection among: Science Champions – scientists and science educators, performing artists, media specialists, and other  experts, who MENTOR : Inquiry Coaches – science-savvy graduate, undergraduate, and high school students; who in turn COACH : Inquiry Troupes – upper elementary, middle school, high school students participating in afterschool, recreation, community, museum and science center settings; who in turn, complete Inquiry Expeditions , and PERFORM : Science Mimes – Community Performances of Existential Science-in-Action Theatre (XSAT).

Leadership : Advisory Council
The Urban Science Corps is a project of the World Space Foundation , a nonprofit 501 (c) 3 corporation in partnership with allied orgajnizations. Its advisory council is comprised of leaders in fields related to science research, education, and workforce development, drawn from industry, academia, nonprofit corporations, governmental, and nongovernmental organizations.

NASA & the Urban Science Corps : ArctiQuest Expeditions
In Celebration of the International Polar Year 2007-2009 and in anticipation of NASA’s Year of the Solar System 2011, the Urban Science Corps carries out Education & Public Outreach activities funded in part by NASA’s Earth and Space Science Mission Directorate, entitled ArctiQuest eXpeditions , utilizing the NASA educational product Exploring Ice in the Solar System .

Contact: Director, Richard Shope,Ed. D. Email: [email protected]