Sustaining Youth Research Squads

Expeditions are designed to engage and guide participants to practice science as inquiry.

Expeditions provide the opportunity to form a sustainable community of science-savvy citizens and citizen scientists.

Expeditions form Research Squads, science teams that work collaboratively to activate curiosity, generate questions, propose explanations, create hypotheses, investigate researchable questions, and communicate findings.

Expeditions move participants through a series of dynamic ¿NQUIRY Stations structured as a Science Performance Collaboratory, in a co-mixing of live, virtual, laboratory, and field research experiences designed to engage and guide participants to practice science as inquiry, emulating how scientists work as project teams.

Urban Science Corps inquiry coaches lead hands-on, minds-on activities, and coach participants as they progress through the ¿NQUIRY Stations and apply scientific inquiry strategies drawn from the ¿NQUIRY Wheel Game.

Scientists and Science Educators on the Council to Advance Urban Science Enterprise (CAUSE) ensure the accuracy of the science content and process carried out by the Urban Science Corps.

Current Expeditions for Citizen Scientists of All Ages:

ArctiQuest: Enter the Cryosphere,

EcoVOICES: Urban ECOSYSTEMS Research Program, Urban Ecology Working Group

Global Health & the Virosphere, The Nature of Emerging and Re-Emerging Infectious Diseases