ECOSYSTEMS= E nterprising C ommunity O rganizations S electing Y outh for STEM S ustainability

The targeted focus of the Urban ECOSYSTEMS Collaborative is to invest in creativity and talent development among urban youth. The main purpose is to ensure that urban youth are encouraged and well prepared to enter the STEM workforce community.

The Urban ECOSYSTEMS Collaborative is an ever-evolving network of allied organizations that share the common goal of guiding urban youth toward STEM studies and careers, united by a desire to recognize and energize the science talents of urban youth nationwide. Each organization has stepped into the urban theatre of action to help inspire, engage, educate, and employ urban youth ages 12-24.

The Urban Science Corps in Los Angeles succeeds through working relationships that have evolved both recently and over the past several years:

NASA/JPL ArctiQuest Project at Loyola Marymount University (SMD-funded Research Supplement): pays for 1 undergraduate summer internship; website design; curriculum design; and cultivates relationships with science mentors.

City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation & Parks: provides use and maintenance of Urban Science Corps truck; pays for 2 part-time job slots; and provides venues to reach over 2000 urban youth over the summer (Metro & Pacific Regions).

Council to Advance Urban Science Enterprise (CAUSE), a project of the World Space Foundation (501(c)3): provides support for materials, Council members provide advice to oversee management and direction of Urban Science Corps; provides leadership for the Urban ECOSYSTEMS Collaborative.

Center for Energy & Sustainability (NSF-CREST Center) at CalState Los Angeles:  pays for 10 high school summer internships, access to labs and scientists at CalState LA (6 from Civitas; 4 from Green Academy).

Satellite Educators Association, Inc. (501(c)3 non-profit): provides an outreach base for Experimental Science-in-Action-Theatre (XSAT).

Los Angeles County Office of Education: Science Advisor provides communication access to all 80 school districts within LA County.

Aerospace Legacy Foundation (501(c)3 non-profit): sponsors collaborative projects, such as space-related Science Mimes and XSAT performances.

ZERO SOUTH EXPERIENCE, a project of Drive Around the World (501(c)3 non-profit): incorporates ¿NQUIRY Expedition Model as the foundation of the ZERO SOUTH Educational Approach; provides Innovation Testbed facilities; provides opportunity for 1 undergraduate summer internship.

Traveling Space Museum: incorporates Urban Science Corps as part of Space Day events.

Civitas School of Leadership: provides central meeting place and access to students who wish to participate as Urban Science Corps Inquiry Coaches.

Green Academy: provides collaborative access to materials, access to students who wish to participate as Urban Science Corps Inquiry Coaches.

Share Space Foundation: provides collaborative strategic thinking and special appearances at events.

Morris/Haugen: provides artwork for Science Comix Notebooks used at Expedition events.

Dick James & Associates: provides central meeting place and focuses on raising funds for Urban Science Corps infrastructure and to build capacity.