The Urban Science Corps develops creativity and talent development among urban youth in the arena of research and applied science.


ArctiQuest events fit directly into the following categories:
--Activities that could be done in informal settings by middle school students
--Activities that could be done with supervision by high school or college students (i.e., easily implemented)

We are creating additional pages to our website that provide wide access, in time for the summer, for informal science educators (especially recreation and afterschool staffs) as to HOW to carry out an “ArctiQuest ¿NQUIRY Expedition,” a 3-hour event of hands-on activities and science-in-action scenarios, selected from the NASA product-reviewed curriculum Exploring Ice in the Solar System (EISS).

In Los Angeles, this is what we are doing this Summer (under the direction of ArctiQuest PI, Richard Shope):

EVENTS: ArctiQuest ¿NQUIRY Expeditions: Exploring Ice in the Solar System

The Urban Science Corps conducts a series of day-long (3 hours) science inquiry expeditions for urban youth in Central, South, and East Los Angeles. The Urban Science Corps truck pulls up; Inquiry Coaches set up a suite of Inquiry Stations selected from the hands-on activities of the Exploring Ice in the Solar System (EISS) curriculum; Inquiry Coaches guide participants through activities as collaborative Inquiry Troupes; and then prepare each troupe to present Experimental Science-in-Action Theatre (XSAT) performances that act out the science story of the concepts explored throughout the expedition experience.

WHEN: Within the six weeks period from July 5-August 15.

WHERE: 25-30 Recreation Center sites within the Metro and Pacific Regions of the City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation & Parks, reaching over 2000 elementary and middle school-aged urban youth.
Each event takes places in a summer day camp setting within the City of Los Angeles Recreation & Parks system serving between 60 to 200 elementary and middle school-age students at each site.

STAFF: Urban Science Corps Inquiry Coaches
2 Undergraduate Summer Interns
Engineering student at Cerritos College
Pre-med student at Whittier College
10 High-School Summer Interns
6 students from Civitas School of Leadership, a high school within the Los Angeles Unified School District
4 students from the Green Academy, Jefferson High School in the Los Angeles Unified School District